8 Nov

Chilliwack Mortgage Broker – Characteristics of a Great Broker

Mortgage Tips

Posted by: Matt Robinson

There are already enough tough decisions to make when it comes to the financing of your new home – choosing the right mortgage broker shouldn’t be one of them!

Great mortgage brokers will always be available to their clients and will usually come highly recommended by friends, family, past clients and sometimes even real estate professionals. In addition to these qualities, there are several other characteristics every great mortgage broker should possess. To help you narrow down your search, and to make sure you are considering all your options fully, I have created a list of a few of the most important characteristics you should look for when you are choosing a mortgage broker for your home loan.

  1. Great mortgage brokers ask a lot of questions. (The more they know about you and your financial situation, they better equipped they are to help you find the perfect loan.)
  2. Great mortgage brokers are experienced. (Ask how long they have been working in and how often they improve their knowledge of the mortgage industry.)
  3. Great mortgage brokers keep their clients in the loop. (Find out how often you can expect to be updated on the progress of your mortgage.)
  4. Great mortgage brokers are honest. (Look for a broker who operates with integrity and is always straightforward with their clients.)
  5. Great mortgage brokers will find the best options for their clients. (This doesn’t always mean the lowest rate, so don’t automatically discount a broker because of that.)
  6. Great mortgage brokers clearly understand finance. (Brokers who are experts at finance can help you with the financial planning that is involved with purchasing a home.)

As a Chilliwack mortgage broker, I know that there are plenty of options available when it comes to who you will work with on your mortgage, but they aren’t always equal. It is important for you to choose a great mortgage broker who is the right fit for you and your situation.

If you are looking for a mortgage broker who possesses all these characteristics and more – who will always put your best interests above everything else – give me a call today! I would love to go over your loan options with you and show you smoothly the mortgage process can go when you work with a great mortgage broker.