2 Aug

Top 3 Budgeting Apps To Help You Save For Your First Down-Payment

First Down-Payment

Posted by: Matt Robinson

First Down-Payment

In today’s society, people turn to their phones for many things such as research, entertainment, communication, and direction. So why not use your phone for financial purposes? There are multiple phone applications available on the market that can assist you in staying organized with your finances and help you achieve specific goals. These goals can range from paying for your Chilliwack mortgage on time or even saving for your first down-payment.

You need to be sure and have a lot of money saved up to pay for your down payment, which is a set percentage of your home’s purchase price. To help you get started, your Chilliwack mortgage broker, Matt Robinson with Dominion Lending Centres, has listed the top 3 budgeting apps to help you save for your first down payment.

#1: Mint

Mint is a free application that can help you manage your finances easily. This app has multiple features that include tracking bills, accurately budgeting, free credit checks, reminders on when your bills are due, payment categorization, and investment tracking all in one secure location. This app is personalized to you, it allows you to pay bills online, and it gives advice on ways to cut back on spending and increase your savings.

#2:  Debt Minder

Debt Minder on Go is an inexpensive app that can help you pay off debt and manage your finances. This app will strategically map out how you can reduce your balance by using a “Debt Snowball” method and customise each plan to your financial situation. You are able to select any type of currency you want, and this app will also show you your daily and monthly interest accrual rate in an easy to understand graph.

#3: iXpenselt

At a low monthly fee, iXpenselt is a daily and monthly expense tracking application that can help you save for your first down payment. This app’s features allow you to input your expenses and store photo receipts on the go. With this simple tool, you can consolidate all your debt and expenses into one area to help you easily track how much you are spending versus how much you are saving. You can then export this information from your phone into an excel file. For more information, please click HERE.

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2 Jun

Chilliwack Market Update

Abbotsford Mortgage

Posted by: Matt Robinson

Congratulations on making the decision to become a homeowner. Owning a home has a lot of added benefits such as artistic freedom, more privacy, tax deductions, equity, and stable payments. Before you can start reaping these benefits, however, you must first find your dream home. This can be done by familiarising yourself with the current market. As your Chilliwack mortgage broker, Matt Robinson with Dominion Lending Centres can update you with the current residential trends, and inform you on when the best time to buy is.

Chilliwack Market

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the number of homes sold in April 2018 was 361 units, which is a 3% decrease from April 2017. Comparing the homes sold from January to April this year was 1,108 units, which is a 2.4% decline from the year prior. In addition, the average price of homes sold in April was $533,020, which is about a 16% increase from 2017, and on a year-to-year basis, the average sold price was $516,393, which is a 17.5% increase from last year.

Zolo.ca, states that the median listing price for singe-detached homes was $662,400, the median price for condominiums was $253,850, and the price for townhomes was $446,000. The change in price per year has increased 6.9%, and comparing asking prices from May 2017 to the present, has since increased 24.2%.

If you are looking to buy a home and obtain a Chilliwack mortgage, now would be the time before the market continues to increase. You could even use past residential pricing as a negotiation tool for cheaper rates and better deals.

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For more information on the current residential market, please contact your Chilliwack mortgage lender. With rates constantly fluctuating, Matt Robinson can go through your finances, let you know your affordability, and suggest when the best time to buy would be. His team at Dominion Lending Centres would love to work with you and help finance your dream home. So don’t wait, call his office today to get started at 604-852-1703.

14 May

Mortgage Rates And Why They Fluctuate

Abbotsford Mortgage

Posted by: Matt Robinson

As your local Abbotsford mortgage lender, I understand the confusion behind understanding mortgage rates and why they fluctuate. Mortgage rates can be determined by a number of different factors including, but not limited to:


  • Economy: Depending on how well the economy is doing determines if interest rates will rise and fall. For example, if the economy is doing really well then rates will increase, and the opposite will occur if there is a decline in the economy.
  • Residential Market: If there is an increase in the residential market then there will be more of a demand for mortgages. An increase in demand means an increase in rates.
  • Inflation: Mortgage brokers will analyze past and current rates to see how the market has changed over time. They can then predict where the market will head in the future. These analyses can determine if there will be inflation, and thus affect mortgage rates.
  • Global Factors: This includes unemployment, food and gas prices, and political involvement.


Being aware of the current market and understanding how these factors can affect the rise and fall of interest rates can help determine what the cost of your Abbotsford mortgage will be. For more information on factors that affect the economy, please contact Matt Robinson at Dominion Lending Centres at 604-852-1703.


Fixed Rate Mortgage

A fixed-rate mortgage is where your monthly rates are set and will never change throughout the duration of your loan term. These rates are determined by the Government of Canada bond yields. Bond prices and bond yields have an opposite effect on each other. This means that if bond prices are decreasing then bond yields are increasing. Bond prices will decrease if the economy is doing well.


Bond yields have a direct relationship with fixed rates. So if the economy is doing well then bond prices are decreasing, bond yields are increasing and fixed rates are increasing. If the economy is booming then consumers are purchasing more, which creates a higher demand. An increase in demand means an increase in rates.


Variable Rate Mortgage

Variable mortgages have rates that can fluctuate month to month, which is dependent on the lender’s prime rate. The Bank of Canada determines these rates since they choose the target overnight lending rate. The overnight lending rate is the interest banks accrue when borrowing or lending against themselves. If the overnight rate changes then so do the cost of borrowing and lending, which affects the prime rate. Variable rates are influenced by the prime rate, which means if the prime rate increases, then so will your variable rate.


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To get a more detailed explanation of mortgage rates and how they fluctuate, please contact your local Abbotsford mortgage broker today. Matt Robinson is the local broker that will educate you and help guide you throughout the home loan process. So don’t wait, call his office today at 604-852-1703 to get started.

19 Apr

Mortgage Survival Guide – Abbotsford Mortgage

Abbotsford Mortgage

Posted by: Matt Robinson

Matt Robinson | Dominion Lending Centres




As a first time homebuyer, trying to figure out how to get a mortgage can be overwhelming. Matt Robinson, at Dominion Lending Centres, has created a mortgage survival guide to help you be more organised throughout the home loan process. Working with Matt Robinson to obtain your first Abbotsford mortgage can help you get the best options and rates on the market.


  1. Organisation:

Being organised with your finances can help prepare you for a mortgage. Before you start your home loan application, make sure you know your current credit score. Your income and credit score largely affected how much you are able to borrow. If you notice any faults on your record then you should fix these problems before your application is sent in.


  1. Pre-approval:

Contact your local Abbotsford mortgage lender to get pre-approved. This can be beneficial because it will let you know exactly how much you can borrow from the lender, and therefore, know exactly what price range to shop in. Knowing your affordability in advance can save you time by avoiding homes that are not in your budget.


  1. Income:

You are given more credibility depending on how long you have been working at your current job for. Lenders appreciate borrowers who have a steady income of at least two years with their current employer. If you constantly switch jobs, now might not be the best time to buy a home because lenders want to see that you are financially responsible.


  1. Savings:

Before you start your home loan application, make sure you have enough money in the bank to pay at least 5% of your home’s down payment. The more savings you have, the better your application will look. If you have a lot of debt and no savings, you will most likely be declined for a home loan. In addition, continue saving and avoid making other big purchases until after your loan has been approved. Taking on unnecessary debt can hurt your application.


Buying a home is most likely the biggest purchase you will ever make. Make this an exciting time instead of a stressful one. Following this mortgage survival guide will help prepare you for homeownership. If you have any questions or are wanting to get started on your application today, please contact your Abbotsford or Chilliwack mortgage lender at 604-852-703 or email info@matthewrobinson.ca.

13 Mar

The Difference Between Fixed and Variable Rate Mortgages


Posted by: Matt Robinson

Are you in the market for an Chilliwack mortgage, or are looking for an Abbotsford mortgage broker, well look no further because Matthew Robinson is here to help you!

When deciding which home loan is your best option, it is important you evaluate your finances. Be aware and honest about your income, the specific lifestyle you lead, and your personality. Some mortgage rates are riskier than others so it is important you recognise whether or not you can handle the inconsistency and potential risks that are associated with those loans.

So what loan is right for you? There are two main types of loans: fixed rate mortgages and variable rate mortgages.

Fixed Rate Mortgages

A fixed rate mortgage is a loan where the rates are consistent throughout the term of the loan. No risk is associated with this loan in terms of interest rates going up unexpectedly. Your monthly payments will not fluctuate, and instead stay consistent. This is a great option if you do not like to take risks. With this loan, you know exactly how long it will take you to pay off because the rate never changes. It allows you to accurately budget, however, higher interest rates are usually associated with fixed mortgages.

Variable Rate Mortgages

A variable rate mortgage is a loan where the interest rates are a lot lower than a fixed mortgage. This mortgage is associated with a lot more risk. Without a heads up, the interest rates could increase or decrease. This inconsistency can cause people a lot of stress, so it is important to understand if you can handle the risk or not. Assessing your financial situation and seeing if you can afford at least a 2% increase in your variable rate, is a good way to know if this option works for you.

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Regardless of which loan you would like to go with, your local Abbotsford and Chilliwack mortgage broker can work with you and advise you on your best option. So don’t wait, contact Matt Robinson today at 604-852-1703 or info@matthewrobinson.ca.

8 Nov

Chilliwack Mortgage Broker – Characteristics of a Great Broker

Mortgage Tips

Posted by: Matt Robinson

There are already enough tough decisions to make when it comes to the financing of your new home – choosing the right mortgage broker shouldn’t be one of them!

Great mortgage brokers will always be available to their clients and will usually come highly recommended by friends, family, past clients and sometimes even real estate professionals. In addition to these qualities, there are several other characteristics every great mortgage broker should possess. To help you narrow down your search, and to make sure you are considering all your options fully, I have created a list of a few of the most important characteristics you should look for when you are choosing a mortgage broker for your home loan.

  1. Great mortgage brokers ask a lot of questions. (The more they know about you and your financial situation, they better equipped they are to help you find the perfect loan.)
  2. Great mortgage brokers are experienced. (Ask how long they have been working in and how often they improve their knowledge of the mortgage industry.)
  3. Great mortgage brokers keep their clients in the loop. (Find out how often you can expect to be updated on the progress of your mortgage.)
  4. Great mortgage brokers are honest. (Look for a broker who operates with integrity and is always straightforward with their clients.)
  5. Great mortgage brokers will find the best options for their clients. (This doesn’t always mean the lowest rate, so don’t automatically discount a broker because of that.)
  6. Great mortgage brokers clearly understand finance. (Brokers who are experts at finance can help you with the financial planning that is involved with purchasing a home.)

As a Chilliwack mortgage broker, I know that there are plenty of options available when it comes to who you will work with on your mortgage, but they aren’t always equal. It is important for you to choose a great mortgage broker who is the right fit for you and your situation.

If you are looking for a mortgage broker who possesses all these characteristics and more – who will always put your best interests above everything else – give me a call today! I would love to go over your loan options with you and show you smoothly the mortgage process can go when you work with a great mortgage broker.